The Impossible Equation: Jewry = Judah

The Impossible Equation: Jewry = Judah


The Impossible Equation: Jewry = Judah

A Rebuttal, by Pastor Eli James

(Text in black type is the original article by Martin Lightfoot.)    

{Text in red and enclosed in {} braces is commentary by Pastor Eli James.}

 The Israel Identity Haplo Group Issue
Martin Lightfoot
  Modern genetic findings are providing some very interesting information about the populations settled in different parts of the world. There are claims that these findings are inconsistent with British-Israel teaching but this article contests them and puts forward the following evidence.  {The basic thrust of this article is to try to prove that the Jewish people are of the same genetic stock as the tribe of Judah.  We will see that this is the impossible equation. – Eli}

            This is an introduction to the topic for those new to the subject and   does not pretend to be an exhaustive study. Recombination is the process by which each parent contributes half of an offspring's DNA, creating a new genetic identity. Inside the nucleus of each cell of each individual there are the chromosomes in which there are long strands of DNA. Each human cell has 46 chromosomes in 23 pairs. One chromosome of each pair is inherited from the mother, the other from the father.. The X and Y chromosomes de­termine the sex of the person. Females have two X chromosomes while males have one X and one Y. So if the male contributes an X the offspring will be female, if a Y then the offspring will be male. The male Y chromosome is passed on from father to son virtually unchanged other than the very rare possibility of a mutation occur­ring.  A mutation is a structural alteration in the DNA.    

            Haplogroups are a group of similar haplo­types that share a common ancestor with a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) mutation:

            "SNPs are a change in a single nucleotide in a chromosome and occur infrequently; once they occur they are stable and typi­cally define a whole chromosome and be­come its signature." 1

            A haplotype is a set of closely linked ge­netic markers present on one chromosome which tend to be inherited together. The haplogroups are like genetic branches on the family tree of Homo Sapiens. These branches characterize the early migrations of population groups and therefore hap­logroups are associated with geographic regions. A Y DNA haplogroup is all of the male descendants of a male who first showed a particular SNP mutation in his Y chromosome. The Y Haplogroups of the World 2005 research map by J D McDonald2 shows the distribution of the different groups throughout the world.

            The large variety of haplogroup markers in the Middle East as illustrated in this map corroborates the biblical account of Assyr­ian invasions that removed almost the en­tire population of the Northern Kingdom of Israel and a very large proportion of Judah into Assyria, and replaced them with peo­ples from various conquered provinces (see II Kings 17:24).

            The Anglo-Saxon-Celtic inhabitants of the British Isles and white Caucasian related peoples are predominantly in haplogroup R:

            {This statement is misleading.  Type R may be the most common for Europeans, but it is not exclusive to us.  Caucasian Israel’s primary haplogroup is Type I, not Type R.  Type I is less likely to be found outside of Europe, the Caucasus and Mesopotamia. Therefore, Type I is the most closely associated with Caucasian Israel.  In other words, Type R is quite likely Adamic in origin and it reflects the wider distribution of Adamites, while Type I reflects a smaller population group, an Adamic sub-group, probably Israelites.   This link shows the distribution of the most common European haplogroups as I, R1a and R1b:

            Distribution of type I&R:

Here is what this site says about Type I:  I: “The I, I1, and I1a lineages are nearly completely restricted to northwestern Europe. These would most likely have been common within Viking populations. One lineage of this group extends down into central Europe.   – Type I is most closely associated with the migratory patterns of the Israelites, while Type R correlates better with the wider distribution of the Adamites (Noah’s descendants) of Gen. 10.  Here is what it says about Type J:  “J: Haplogroup J is found at highest frequencies in Middle Eastern and north African populations where it most likely evolved. This marker has been carried by Middle Eastern traders into Europe, central Asia, India, and Pakistan. The Cohen modal lineage is found in Haplogroup J*.”  – From these two statements, we clearly see that Caucasian Israel is most closely associated with Type I (coincidentally, for Israel) and that the Jews are most closely associated with Type J (again, coincidentally, for Jew). – Eli}

            "Y-DNA haplogroup R may be the most numerous Y-DNA in the world today. It is the most prominent haplogroup in Europe at —50% and the United States at —42%. The origin of haplogroup R is located in Central to West Asia, although a precise region has not yet been determined ... The R1 b branch is the most abundant European haplogroup and is notoriously prominent in West Europe (levels around 90% in British Isles), while RI a {sic: R1a} is more prevalent occu­pying East Europe and neighbouring West Asia. The complementing pattern of RI b {sic: R1b} in the west and RI a (sic) in the east covers all of Europe and much of Asia. The overall trend for haplogroup R is highest frequen­cies in Northwest Europe and decreasing in a Southwestern direction."3

            {It is possible that Type R is of a primarily Slavic (Japhethite) genome.  (“Japheth shall dwell in the tents of Shem.” – Gen. 9:27.  This means, prophetically, that the Japhethites will be subject to the Shemites.  The fact is that the Russian Czars and German Kaisers were Shemites ruling over the nations of Japheth, Slavic Poland, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Russia, etc.)  The reason why Type I (Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Danes, Frisians, Swedes, Brits, etc.) would be more prevalent in northwestern Europe is because that is where most of Caucasian Israel settled.  The Type I genome was gradually displaced from southern Europe because many people of Eurasian stock (mixed Mongolian and Japhetic DNA) have moved into southern Europe, thus decreasing the relative frequency of Type I and increasing the frequency of Type R in these areas (southern France, Spain, southern Italy, Greece, etc.).  Sharing this latter DNA would be the Ashkenazi Jews, dating from 740 AD, since the Ashkenazim are a mixture of Slavic (Japhetic), Mongol and Turkic (Hittite) blood.  Given the fact that up to 95% of modern Jews are Ashkenazim, whose ancestors never set foot in ancient Israel, the likelihood of any Ashkenazi Jew being related to True Israel is 0%.  Their only possible connection to True Israel would be through intermarriage.

            Only Sephardic (Idumean/Canaanite) Jews, who originated in Canaanland, are likely to have some Israelite blood, but only because these Idumean Jews lived among the Judahites from 125 BC to 70 AD.  Sephardic Jews are partial descendants of Abraham, but only to the extent that Esau was Jacob’s brother.  Esau, renamed Edom by Yahweh, was kicked out of the company of Israel and settled among the Kenites and Canaanites.   This is the true origin of the Sephardic Jews.   They are Edomites and Canaanites, not Israelites.  In addition, the Sephardic Jews are a highly miscegenated genome, as their genome is mixed with all species of humans, who lived in the Middle East, especially the Arabs, as will be proved below!  This means that Sephardic Jews only have a very small percentage of Hebrew blood.  Since Deut. 23:2 clearly states that “No mamzer (mongrel, not bastard) shall enter the congregation of Yahweh,” no person of mixed blood can be considered an Israelite or Judahite.   Given this jumbled mess of Jewish DNA, it is not possible for any Jews to have an Israelite genome.  The fact is that Jewish DNA is virtually identical to Arab DNA.  This website confirms this fact:  Note this quotation from the article:  “A new study shows that the genetic makeup of Jews and Arabs is almost identical, and that both groups share common prehistoric ancestors.”

            Question:  Is anyone in British Israel willing to concede that Arabs are Anglo-Saxons?  According to these genetic studies, Jews and Arabs are virtually identical.  Perhaps this is why Britain is turning to Islam?  Of course, this is exactly the type of genetic results we in Identity would expect, because we know that the Jews originated in Edom and Canaan, not Judah.  The Jewish claim that their rabbis carry the “Cohen gene” is a mere figment of the Jewish imagination.  I suspect that the gene in question comes from Esau or Canaan, not from the Aaronic priesthood. 

            True Israelites, of German, Scythian, Cimmerian, and Celtic stock, who inhabited the steppes of eastern Europe (ancient Scythia) 1,000 years before the Khazar occupation of roughly the same territory, had long before moved out of these areas into mainland Europe.  The Khazars later filled in the territory that had been vacated by the Israelites.  This mass migration is how Europe became populated by the Twelve Tribes of Israel (through the Caucasus Mountains, Isa. 11:16), although some of the Cimmerians (house of Omri) and Celts left Israel via the Mediterranean Sea and settled Spain, Ireland, Britain, and Normandy by sea.  (The words ‘Kelt,’ ‘Gaul,’ and ‘Gael’ are definitely derived from such Hebrew words as ‘Galilee,’ ‘Gilead,’ and ‘Golan,’ all being Israelite territories in Palestine.  The Hebrew word, ‘golah,’ means both “captive” and “exile.”) 

            Another likely derivation for the word ‘Kelt,’ is the stone circumcision knife used by the Israelites.  According to Valerie Martlew, in an article entitled, “Where are they Now?,”

            That the Cimmerians were in the Black Sea area before the Scythians is an historic fact. They were the vanguard of the thrust to the west. The greater part of the Cimmerians moved up the Danube, and they became known as Gauls when they reached southern Germany and France. The Greeks named them Celts, but the Romans called them Gauls, according to the historian Diodorus. (d. about 20 BC.) The name of Celt is interesting, in that the Dictionary definition of a "celt" is a "stone knife".  It was a stone knife that was used by the Israelites for the rite of circumcision, never a metal one, although they were skilled in the use of metals.  Source:

            The Slavic population, which is primarily of Japhetic stock, is derived from the steppes of eastern European/western Asia, after having migrated north from Mesopotamia, leaving their Shemitic kinsmen behind.  These Japhethites lived in the steppes region for many centuries before the Caucasian Israelite Dispersion of 745 BC.   When the Israelites moved into this Japhetic territory, the region became known to historians as Scythia.  Some historians falsely project the name, Scythia, to the earlier Japhethites, who were already there, before 745 BC.  Although the Ashkenazi Jews possess some Slavic (Japhetic) DNA, they are an entirely non-Shemitic DNA group.  None of these people can claim a single Shemitic or Israelite ancestor.  Yet, they CLAIM to be “Israel.”  – Eli}

            According to Josephus (The Antiquities of the Jews, Book 11 ch.l) and Esdras (II Esdras 13:39-45) these lost tribes of Israel migrated out of Assyria, and were last re­corded beyond the narrow passages of the River Euphrates which rise from the high­lands of Armenia in the Black Sea region south of the Caucasus.

            Dr. Anne Kristensen, a Danish linguistics scholar, states:

            "There is scarcely reason, any longer, to doubt the exciting and verily astonishing assertion propounded by the students of the Ten Tribes that the Israelites deported from Bit Humria, of the House of Omri, are identical with the Gimirraja (Cimmerians) of the Assyrian sources."4

            The antiquarian Samuel Lysons regards the Cimmerians as Gauls or Celts:

            "The Cimmerians seeming to be ... Gauls or Celts under a different name. It is ob­servable that the Welsh (a Celtic people) still call themselves Vymri" (Lysons S., Our British Ancestors, 1865, p.23)

            {The reason why Welsh, Irish and Gaelic are so similar to Hebrew is because the Cimmerians brought their language with them directly from Israel, Scythia and Cimmeria by sea, to the British Isles.  These people are the direct descendants of the Mediterranean migration of the Israelite Cimmerians and Celts (also known as Gauls).  The Anglo-Saxon Israelites (Germans, Scythians, Alans, Sueves, Danes, Swedes, etc.) were captives of the Assyrians and picked up many non-Hebrew words and syntax from their captors and from their Aramaic neighbors.  Unlike the Cimmerians, the Anglo-Saxon Israelites migrated into Europe by land, a steady migration lasting hundreds of years. This accounts for the language differences between the two groups.  It is a well-known fact within Christian Identity that the German language is at least one-third Hebrew.  Yiddish is actually German, plus a lot of other language mixed in, reflecting their mixed heritage.}

            The Jewish Encyclopaedia volume 12 out­lines several theories as to the fate of the lost tribes of Israel, but under the heading Anglo Israelism makes the following ob­servation:

            "The identification of the Sacce, or Scythi­ans, with the Ten Tribes because they ap­pear in history at the same time, and very nearly in the same place, as the Israelites removed by Shalmaneser, is one of the chief supports of the theory which identifies the English people, and indeed the whole Teu­tonic race, with the Ten Tribes."

            This would allow for an R haplogroup iden­tity of the Northern Kingdom lost tribes of Israel, similar to that of Western Europeans, many of whom according to Milton (His­tory Of Britain, 1670, Book 3, para. 41­43) and Turner (The History of the Anglo Saxons, 1852, volume 1, p.82) are known to have originated as Scythians in the Black Sea region of the Middle East.

            {As pointed out earlier, the main identifier of the Saccae, Scythians, and Teutons is Type I, NOT Type R.  Type R has a wider distribution and is shared by Jews and others, indicating a fair amount of mixing.  Jews have more Type J DNA, which is a factor which distinguishes us from the Jews.  By focusing only on the Type R haplogroup, a trivial relationship between the Anglo-Saxons (Caucasian Israel) and the Jews is implied, but analysis of Type I provides a more specific correlation with True Israel. Here is the analysis of Type I maternal and paternal DNA profiles, from, a DNA testing lab:

                First, the Maternal line: Haplogroup I appears to have originated in the Near East or Caucasus Mountains about 40,000 years ago, not long after humans began migrating beyond Africa. {This “African” source is total speculation, based on the discredited “out of Africa” model of evolution, which posits that all races developed from a single Black female in Africa!  They are just guessing about the time frame.  The important consideration is the LOCATION of the haplogroup.}  Today the haplogroup is widespread in Europe…Though fairly rare in the Near East, the haplogroup is found in a swath from the Caucasus region to Pakistan. Haplogroup I has also made relatively recent incursions into Africa, where it is found at levels of about 1% in Ethiopia and Egypt.  {This would be explained by White colonization of Africa in the last three centuries.}

                Now, the Paternal line:  I is found almost exclusively in Europe, where about 20% of men have Y-chromosomes belonging to the haplogroup.  It began spreading about 30,000 to 45,000 years ago with some of the first Homo sapiens to inhabit Europe.

                The haplogroup's two main branches, I1 and I2, divided about 28,000 years ago. Archaeological evidence indicates it was a time of rapid change in Europe, as a new culture known as the Gravettian moved westward across the continent. The Grevettian people introduced new stone tool technology, as well as novel art forms typified by the distinctive fertility symbols known as "Venus" figurines.   

                Not long after haplogroup I arrived in Europe, the advancing Ice Age limited most of the continent's inhabitants to its southern fringes. Only Iberia, the Italian peninsula and the Balkans were mild enough to support substantial numbers of humans. As a result, the distribution of the haplogroup's branches today reflects the migrations that took place as the glaciers began retreating about 12,000 to 15,000 years ago.

                Age estimates by geneticists must be considered speculative, but current distributions cannot be disputed.  Clearly, Type I is most specific to the migration of Israel into Europe. - Eli}

            Moreover it is significant that the:

            "Y-DNA Haplogroup R is perhaps the most prominent Y-DNA lineage on Earth today."5

            This observation corresponds with the bib­lical promise to Ephraim and Manasseh, the birthright tribes of the Israel nation:

            "... he (Manasseh) also shall be great: but truly his younger brother (Ephraim) ... shall become a multitude of nations" (Genesis 48:19).

            {This is an incorrect assessment.  The fact is that Type R is distributed far too widely to correspond with Ephraim and Manasseh.  Did Ephraim and Manasseh travel to China and southwest Africa?  I don’t think so.  If type R is the world’s most common Y haplotype, it is not due to the migrations of Ephraim and Manasseh.  Type R is much too prevalent to be explained by this factor.   Lightfoot is trying to tell us that the descendants of Joseph got around to places they never even saw or heard of.  It almost sounds like Lightfoot is arguing for the idea that all races sprang from Noah and his family of eight!  On the contrary, Yahweh preserved Noah precisely because he was “perfect in his generations (descent).”  All the Adamites who had mongrelized were killed.  In addition, Type R already existed in these places well before Ephraim and Manasseh were even born.  Consider this statement from a haplogroup website: 

            “Until recently it was believed that R1b originated in Western Europe due to its strong presence in the region today. The theory was that R1b represented the Paleolithic Europeans (Cro-Magnon) that had sought refuge in the Franco-Cantabrian region at the peak of the last Ice Age, then recolonised Central and Northern Europe once the ice sheet receded. The phylogeny of R1b proved that this scenario was not possible, because older R1b clades were consistently found in Central Asia and the Middle East, and the youngest in Western and Northern Europe. There was a clear gradient from East to West tracing the migration of R1b people (see map above). This age of the main migration from the shores of the Black Sea to Central Europe also happened to match the timeframe of the Indo-European invasion of Europe, which coincides with the introduction of the Bronze-Age culture in Western Europe, and the spread of Italo-Celtic and Germanic languages.”   Source:  }

            If Type R has any relationship to Joseph, it is incidental, not causal, because Joseph could not possibly have been the original carrier of Type R, as its distribution proceeds from Asia westward!!!  This pattern does not fit Joseph at all, who came from Egypt!!  Also, the haplogroup existed well before his time!   Lightfoot’s suggestion that there is a causal relationship between the birthright promise and the prevalence of Type R in all populations is like saying that Joseph is the source of Type R and responsible for its distribution in all areas of the globe.  This is not possible.  Lightfoot should have looked at the data more carefully before making such a statement.  Type R1b is possessed by many Israelites, Shemites and Hebrews, but identifying it primarily with Joseph is very sloppy scholarship and an illogical argument.  This web article will provide a much better understanding of the why and how of Caucasian haplogroup distribution: }

·      The haplogroups J1 & J2 which are largely associated with Jews could have developed from R simply by loss of the DNA informa­tion that distinguishes J from R. {“Could have” is far from “did.”  At this point, I have to say that such speculations cannot be taken seriously!  Lightfoot’s essay targets people who have knowledge of Israel’s migrations but no knowledge of genetics.  This is actually a far-fetched speculation.   The “if this,” “maybe that,” “probably also” reasoning coming from Lightfoot is all he really has.  The REAL REASON why Jewish DNA is different from Israelite DNA is because of miscegenation, not mutation - no ifs, ands or buts!!!!!  One proof of this is the fact that Jews have the highest incindence of genetic diseases.  Why would the two population groups (Israel and Jewry) be so radically different with respect to genetic disease?  Is Jewish genetic disease due to this speculative mutation or to the fact that the Jews are the most miscegenated group on the planet?  How many mutations are required to make the Vikings look like Sephardic Jews?  We are expected to believe that a race that looks typically like Danny DiVito is identical to the race that looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger!!!  We are expected to believe that they started out as identical twins, but the “mutations” explain the drastic differences!

·      Here is a link to Jewish genetic diseases:  

·      This website states that 97% of Jews carry the cystic fibrosis mutation, while only 1 out of 25 Caucasians do 

·      If the Jews belong to our genotype, why are they so radically different in physical appearance, psychological characteristics and genetic disease frequency?   Lightfoot’s arguments totally ignore these things!!! - Eli}  Observed mutations are always the result of lost DNA information. {This is a VERY misleading statement.  Even if Type J is a mutation from Type R, it in no way explains the vast number of radical differences between Jews and Israelites.   Furthermore, if such mutations were possible, could they have occurred within the last 2,000 years?  The leopard will have changed its spots for stripes, practically overnight!!!!  I assert that this is not possible.  This would be instant devolution!!  The fact is that Yahweh designed DNA to reproduce with 100% accuracy.  This is God’s law:  “Kind after kind.”   Wheat seeds produce wheat.  Corn seeds produce corn.  Rye seeds produce rye…INVARIABLY.  Did you see that word: INVARIABLY?  This is scientific and Scriptural fact!  If this were not the case, planting fields of crops would produce a hodge-podge of unpredictable produce.  We’d have constant variation in species!  But this simply does not happen!!  If farmers planted wheat seeds, and corn – or who knows what! - started growing instead, they would think that the universe has gone crazy!!!   These speculative mutations are utterly unscientific!  But this is the kind of story that must be invented in order to make Israelites out of Jews!!!  The fact is that mutations are always an undesirable circumstance.    Here are two quotations from scientists, to this effect:

 The overwhelming majority of random mutations are harmful—that is, they reduce fitness; only a tiny minority are beneficial, increasing fitness. Most mutations are bad for the same reason that most typos in computer code are bad: in finely tuned systems, random tweaks are far more likely to disrupt function than to improve it.”

      “All of the beneficial mutations located in my search of the literature involving almost 20 million references were loss mutations and mutations such as sickle cell anemia that have a beneficial effect only in very special circumstances.  In most situations they have a decidedly negative effect on the organism’s health.  Not a single clear example of an information-gaining mutation was located.  It was concluded that molecular biology research shows that information-gaining mutations have not yet been documented.” (Scroll to ‘Evidence of Beneficial Mutations’ and ‘Conclusions’)

 Source:    It may be true that observed mutations are always the result of lost information.  The problem is whether such a mutation could still be considered to be an Israelite!!!  So, if Jews are mutated Israelites, is this a good thing?  I DON’T THINK SO!!!  Science tells us that mutations are NOT desirable, whether they are loss mutations or not!!!   But Mr. Lightfoot is suggesting that this is an acceptable “mutation”!!!   “They’re still Israelites, in spite of all the mutations!!”   

             If Yahweh’s Law is “Kind after kind,” then the Jews fail the test!  – Eli}

            The Jews who are from the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi (Ezra 1:5)  {Lightfoot is merely repeating the claim, as if it were a fact, that some Jews are derived from the House of Judah.  We know this to be untrue, as 95% of today’s Jews are Ashkenazim.  The other 5% (Sephardim) are primarily Edomites and Canaanites, who mixed their blood with the House of Judah from 125 BC to 70 AD.  The first Edomite to be circumcised was in 121 BC, under John Hyrcanus, who, contrary to Yahweh’s Commandment that Israel SHOULD NOT MAKE ANY COVENANTS WITH CANAANITES (Deut. 7), made Idumean males citizens of Judea by mere circumcision.  That’s like saying Mexicans can become Americans by crossing the border – or Arabs can become Englishmen by getting off the boat!  Lightfoot is merely taking the Jews at their word and making unscientific DNA speculations to add credibility to their false claims!!!  But, of course, the Jews must do anything and everything they possibly can in order to maintain the fiction that they are the children of Israel, as their grip upon the minds of Christians everywhere is based on this lie!!!  And it does not matter how absurd their arguments are.  You throw the mud at the wall and some of it is bound to stick!!!!  – Eli} have been separated for some 3,000 years from the Ten Tribes. {Again, this assumes that today’s Jews are mutated Judahites, not Canaanites!  It is important not to ignore the UNMUTATED Judahites who merged with the Ten Tribes of the Dispersion.  The vast majority of the House of Judah was taken into captivity ALONG WITH the House of Israel, added by Sennacherib, around 701 BC.  James 1:1 acknowledges this fact. The Judahites that remained in Judea were a minute number compared to the Judahites of the Dispersion of 701 BC.  I guarantee you that the Judahites of the 701 BC Dispersion have more Type I DNA while the Jews of the 70 AD “Diaspora” have more Arab DNA.  – Eli} The Jews were in the Middle East for much longer than the deported Northern Kingdom tribes. {Edomite Jews, yes!  Most of Judah left well before then! And the Judahites who remained until 70 AD escaped to Pella when the Roman Army briefly paused their assault on Jerusalem. These Judahites remembered Yahshua’s warning to “flee to the mountains” when they would see Jerusalem compassed about with armies. (Luke 21:20) When the Roman Army resumed its assault, the Edomite Jews had stayed and took their punishment, as prophesied by Gen. 3:15 and Rom. 16:20.  The Roman Army, as all British Israelites should know, were of Adamic seed.  – Eli} The male DNA (Y chromosome) of Jews is close to that of groups who have dwelt in the Middle East for an extended period such as the Kurds, Turks, Armenians and to a lesser degree Arabs.  {On the contrary, the Khazar website quoted above states that the Jewish genome is CLOSEST to the Arab genome; and this haplogroup is COMPLETELY UNRELATED to the European Dispersion!!! – Eli}

            This length of separation together with in­evitable foreign infusion, environmental influences, genetic drift, and so on, (What is “genetic drift”?  “Foreign infusion” is much more likely!   If these Jews keep on mutating…pretty soon pigs will be able to fly!!!  - Eli} is more than enough to explain any differences that may exist between the two peoples.  {NONSENSE!  As the quotations from the scientists above show, mutations are almost always injurious to the genome.  The fact is that nature ABHORS a mutation as much as it abhors a vacuum.  (A mutation implies a permanent change to the genome.  Adaptations are a different story, being genetic responses, within the genome, to environmental changes.)  Even if these Middle Eastern Jews started out as pure Judahites, the fact is that Lightfoot’s suggested mutations would have turned them into non-Israelites!!!  “Hello, everybody!  Meet my mutated brother-in-law!  Not sure what species it is, after all these mutations!!”  Such speculation merely demonstrates an ignorance of known genetic research.  This is the theory of EVOLUTION as theorized for British Israel, so that they can be conditioned to accept the presence of the House of Rothschild in their midst.  Since, worldwide, the Jewish people are composed of Chinese Jews, Black Jews, Arabian Jews, White Jews, etc., they cannot be considered a race.  Because of this wide variety of racial types, the Jews have the most diverse genome of all people.  It is the result of HYBRIDIZATION, not mutation.  The Jewish genome cannot even be compared with the more uniform DNA patterns of the Aryan Israelites.  The cause of this diversity of genetic material is miscegenation, not mutation. – Eli}

            Furthermore, some combination does oc­cur between the Y and X chromosomes. The Stanford School of Medicine 6 sug­gests that the Y chromosome not only re­combines with up to 5% of the X, it also recombines with its own Y duplicate DNA. There is a need to find evidence that the progression from one haplogroup to anoth­er is most likely to have gone from a 'de­veloped' haplogroup (such as R or N) by losing DNA information. This does accord with decades of scientific research into both observed and artificially induced mutations which demonstrate that mutations involve a loss of DNA information.  {It is easy to “artificially induce” a mutation by hybridization. – Eli}

            Finally, Israel identity researchers have con­tinually contended that the Anglo Saxon / Cymri-Celtic / Norman peoples are largely of common stock. This is now demonstrat­ed by current haplogroup data as seen on JD McDonald's (2005) research map.  {Even by Lighfoot’s own observations, Haplogroup J is virtually absent among the Dispersed Tribes, except in the southern regions of Europe, where more miscegenation has taken place!!   The only way that Lightfoot can include the Jews in this “common stock” is by speculating about mutations!!!  Incredible! – Eli}


Martin Lightfoot


Martin Lightfoot is to chair a working party to address this important issue. Preliminary discussion has already taken place with other organizations and we are grateful to Yair Davidiy for his input.


{This explains the confusion.  Yair Davidy is a Jew, whose only purpose in life is to make the BI folk believe that the Jews are the Judahites of the Bible.  The Jews like to create “chairs” at universities and pay White proxies (front men) to invent plausible speculations that will take the place of facts. This is how the Rothschilds have always operated.  By hiring Anglo-Saxon “experts” as their mouthpieces, the Jews convince the Anglo-Saxon audiences to take their fables seriously!  Also, consider this fact: No other Jews that I know of, besides Yair Davidy, share his views.  This is a very important fact, which must be grasped by all natives of British Israel:  The Jews do consider themselves to be CaucasiansThey avoid our company and they reject OUR MESSIAH.  They are NOT related to us, despite their 2,000 year old game of identity theft!  In fact, today’s Jews are much more closely related to the scribes and Pharisees than any Anglo-Saxon, as it was even in those days!!!  They see themselves as a breed apart and they do NOT consider Europeans to be their kinsmen.  In this view, they are absolutely correct!  

            Mr. Lightfoot is making an argument that virtually all Jews, except Yair Davidy, reject. Yair Davidy is a special agent for the Rothschilds.  His job is to make sure that British Israel swallows as much Talmudic rhetoric as possible, so that Anglo-Israel will not stray too far away from Rothschild control. With a half-truth here and a half-truth there, plus liberal doses of slow-acting poison, people can be made to believe just about anything.  Mr. Davidy has even published a new book, which claims that the Khazars are also “Israelites,” even though he admits their multi-racial origins:  He essentially argues that by converting to Judaism, anyone can become an Israelite.  We know that the Bible teaches no such confusion.  Deut. 7 clearly advises Israelites to make no covenants, including marriage covenants, with Canaanites.  The Khazars have no Israelite or Shemitic blood whatsoever, so what Davidy is teaching is blatant falsehood. The Rothschilds know that American Israel is outside of their grasp, so they actively demonize Christian Identity.   The Rothschilds have more influence within British Israel, so this pro-Jewish propaganda is still promoted in Britain.  Because of this influence, British Israel is becoming more and more like America’s “Christian” Zionists, who unquestioningly follow every fable the rabbis pitch.  BI should know better.  The Jews did nothing to found or build Great Britain; and they have been actively exploiting and destroying Britain since Benjamin Disraeli became Prime Minister.

            Question: Why should we try to ingratiate ourselves to those who absolutely reject our religion, Christianity, who absolutely reject our Messiah, Jesus Christ, who absolutely reject our Identity with True Israel, who absolutely reject British Israel?  How many Jews do any of you know that desire your company?  Eh?  If the Jews were REALLY your kinsmen, they wouldn’t be organizing the Arab takeover of your nation, bringing rape, murder and mayhem to your very doorstep.  Realistically, the best that BI can hope for is to assure THEMSELVES in the vain hope that their worst enemies might possibly be their distant relatives or friends.  Martin Lightfoot’s argument is sophisticated psychological warfare.  The Jews have hired him to distract you while they stab you in the back. – Eli}


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Latest research provides more evidence


{Mr. Lightfoot’s so-called “evidence” is nothing but more speculation. The fact that scientists are performing experiments is meaningless.  Pretend that you’re watching the telly. An advert comes on and a guy dressed in a white smock appears on the screen as says: “Our experts and professionals are working on this problem at this very moment.  Scientific proof is forthcoming!”  In America, we call it a commercial.  The guy is trying to sell you something: confidence in their product! The Jews call it “their spiel,” their story, if you are gullible enough to believe it. Mr. Lightfoot has assembled a set of word associations, mere speculative rationalizations, cleverly assembled to sound like he knows what he’s talking about.  But, it’s an advert!  It makes no sense at all!  The advert is playing on YOUR hopes and desires, which are NOT shared by the Jews at all, in a futile attempt to explain how such radical differences between two groups of people should be considered insignificant!  It’s a Talmudic Rohrschach test for British Israel.  Here’s a splotch of ink.  What does it mean?  Reality: It doesn’t mean anything.  It’s just a gimmick.  Jesus told us how to recognize these impostors: “By their fruits shall ye know them!”  -  Eli}


Most Britons are direct descendants of farmers who moved west from the Near East 10,000 years ago, a study claims.  {Now, ask yourself this question:  “How many Jewish farmers do you know?”   How many farmers attend synagogue?  If the Jews are Israelites, why don’t they farm?  Could it be that the Jews are just PRETENDING to be Israelites?  

            “Cain said to Yahweh, My punishment is greater than I can bear.  Behold, thou hast driven me this day AWAY FROM THE GROUND (the earth will no longer produce fruits and vegetables for Cain and his descendants, the Jews), and from thy face I shall be hidden; and I shall be a fugitive and a wanderer on the earth…”  (Gen. 4:13-14.)  You should know this, British Israel:  The Jews know absolutely nothing about farming.  Their Talmud states that it is the least desirable of all occupations:  Yevamot 63a: "R. Eleazar said: There is no occupation more lowly than that of farming" We must therefore ask the question, “How did a nation of farmers and warriors (True Israel) devolve into a nation of merchants and bankers (Jews)?”  The answer is that they did not.  That’s their spiel.  The Edomites have always been merchants and bankers. They are the descendants of the very people that Jesus drove out of the Temple with His whip! And they have not changed their occupations.  Even more telling is the fact that the Jews, BY THEIR OWN ADMISSION, have been fugitives and wanderers, a people without a nation of their own, until they took Palestine by deception (the Balfour Declaration) and force (Zionist terrorism) from its rightful owners: the Palestinian people. If British Israel considers Zionism a just and fair proposition, they should ask why Yahweh is permitting their own nation to be overrun by Arabs.  Tit for tat? Think about it.  The Word says that we will be punished according to our own false judgments. The bottom line is this: The Jewish masquerade as Israel forces deceived people to make incredibly contrived and twisted arguments in order to make a relationship look plausible. – Eli}


After analysing the DNA of more than 2,000 men, researchers at Leicester Uni­versity say they have compelling evidence that four out of five white Europeans can trace their roots to lands that form part of modern-day Iraq and Syria.  {Yes, and this proves that the Caucasian people are derived from the Twelve Tribes, plus their relatives, the Japhethites, Medes, Persians, Aramaens, etc.  None of these people were Jews.}


Daily Mail, London, January 20, 2010


{I do not know if Mr. Lightfoot was hired to write this piece or whether he really believes what he has written, but his arguments are both unscientific and un-Scriptural.   Every British Israelite should understand that Judaism is NOT Scriptural.  Judaism is based on the Talmud, which consists of thousands of DEVIATIONS, based upon rabbinical commentaries upon and distortions of the Torah. All of these non-Mosaic opinions, whether based on Jewish “oral” tradition or the written Talmudic traditions, are fraudulent.  They all violate Deut. 4:2, in which Moses specifically prohibits adding to or subtracting from the written record of the Bible.   Mr. Lightfoot is asking British Israel to ally itself with True Israel’s worst enemies: the Talmudic Jews, who are neither genetic Israelites nor practitioners of the Mosaic Law.  Rather than having anything in common, Christian Israel and Talmudic Judaism are the antipodes of the cosmic battle between good and evil.  Judaism is firmly on the side of evil, as the House of Rothschild, usurious banking, war-mongering, promotion of homosexuality, feminism, immorality, sponsoring of non-White immigration into our Israelite nations, and other malevolent Jewish practices prove.   No matter how much make-up you put on this devil’s face, it does not change his character.  If the Jews are “God’s chosen people,” then why are they so routinely the directors of all of Mystery Babylon’s global commercial operations (mammon), which relentlessly oppose the establishment of God’s Kingdom under Jesus Christ?  

            Consider the cultural differences between these two peoples:  1.) Caucasian Israel: King Alfred’s Laws (Common Law); the Bible’s promoters throughout the world, both Old and New Testaments;  representative government; Declaration of Arbroath;  Magna Carta; United States Constitution; farmers; builders; publicizers of the Bible (“Ye are my witnesses.”).   2.)  Jews: the Talmud; Usurers; International Bankers; communists; pornographers; Uniform Commercial Code; sex-slavery (as practiced in the Israeli State); violators of oaths (Kol Nidre); war-mongers and war profiteers. The list of Jewish crimes for profit is endless. The Jews have never brought the Bible to anyone, so they cannot possibly be God’s witnesses.  They keep their Talmuds and interpretations to themselves while pretending to be “g-d’s chosen.”  Of course, not all Jews engage in these crimes; but the Kehillah (Jewry’s leaders) is nothing but organized crime; and it operates without any resistance from the Lesser Brethren, who either fear ostracism or retaliation by the Kehillah.  Indeed, the vast majority of them believe the myths that rabbis have taught them.  That’s why they are such fanatical Zionists and communists.  Both doctrines were taught by Rabbi Moses Hess.

            Another major disparity between these two peoples is heraldry.  The Caucasian Israelites have a tradition of family crests and symbols that go back to ancient Israel.  Anglo-Saxon Christians kept records of family births and deaths in family Bibles.  Some of us still do! The British throne combines the symbols of Judah (the Lion) and Joseph (Unicorn).  Caucasian Israelites have a tradition of wanting to know their ancestry.  The only people of the ancient world who kept detailed ancestries were the Israelites.  The Jews have no such history or tradition.  Instead, the Jews fit the age-old wanderer-fugitive category, adopting the customs of their host nations, while never assimilating.  The typical Jew has really no idea who his ancestors are. Since they neither farm nor build, they cannot possibly be part of the “builder race.”  Furthermore, the Jews have a matrilineal reckoning of Jewishness, whereas Christian Israel retains Biblical Israel’s patrilineal reckoning of ancestry. 

            Given this multitude of obvious differences, on what basis can these two highly disparate – nay, diametrically opposed - cultures be considered equal?  They cannot be considered equal, because they emanate from two entirely different spirits. The devil always tries to persuade his victims that he is their friend!!!  In this way, his enemies disarm themselves and he is saved the expense of having to hire mercenaries to destroy them.  Why make war against your enemies if you can persuade them to commit suicide?

             As Yahweh told Rebecca, when the twins wrestled within her womb: “Two manner of people are in thy womb.”  Caucasian Israel is derived from Jacob/Israel.  The Jews are derived from Esau/Edom.  The differences are so obvious that mountains of lies – theological, pseudo-historical, and pseudo-scientific - are required to obscure them.  And these lies must be repeated night and day, so that any dissenting voice might drowned out.   But this voice cannot be drowned out.  It is the voice of Truth; and it speaks for Yahweh’s people, True Israel, the Anglo-Saxon, Caucasian, Celtic, European White Race. Lightfoot’s contrived similarities pale in comparison to the profound differences between these peoples!  If you have eyes to see, open them.  Sooner or later the scales must fall from True Israel’s eyes.  There is NO POSSIBILITY that the Jews are either Judah or Israel, either genetically, religiously, morally, or culturally.

            The conventional wisdom in Christian Identity is that the Jews derive from Cain, down through Canaan and Esau.  The Bible confirms this view.  (Gen. 15:18-21; Gen. 36; Ezek. 36:5; Obadiah.)

            I John 2:18-22 is especially revealing, with respect to those Idumeans, who lived among us, but are not OF us.  Observe:

            “Little children, it is the last time: and as you have heard that ANTICHRIST SHALL COME, even now THERE ARE MANY ANTICHRISTS; whereby we know that it is the last time.  THEY (these antichrists) went out FROM us, but they were not OF us; for if they had been OF us, they would no doubt have continued WITH us: but they went OUT, that they might be made manifest that they were NOT all OF us.”

            There is simply no doubt that these verses are talking about the Herodian Edomites who had insinuated themselves into our company from the days of John Hyrcanus until the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD.  And if it does not mean this, pray tell me what it means!  They have been separated from us in order to prove to you that they are NOT OF US.  Now, listen carefully, British Israel, for your salvation depends upon your completely comprehending these next few words: 


            Paul echoes this thought at I Cor. 16:22:  “If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be Anathema Maranatha.”  And again at II Cor. 6:14: “Be you not unequally yoked with UNBELIEVERS {Even if they claim to be Judahites!}: for what fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion has light with darkness?”  Christianity is light.  Talmudic Judaism is darkness.  Why do you seek the company of the anti-Christ?  Why do you seek to yoke yourselves to these unbelievers?  What Jew do you know who accepts Jesus Christ as the Messiah?  They all deny Him, even though some FEIGN acceptance. This is the mark of Cain.  Almost all Jews wear it. 

            Let’s see what some prominent Jews have to say about the supposed commonality between Judaism and Christianity:

            “Judaism is Judaism because it rejects Christianity and Christianity is Christianity because it rejects Judaism.  What is usually referred to as the Judeo-Christian tradition exists only in the Christian or secularist fantasy.” – Rabbi Eleazar Berkovits, Judaism in the Post-Christian Era, 1966.

            This is not an uncommon impression and one finds it sometimes among Jews as well as Christians – that Judaism is the religion of the Hebrew Bible.  It is, of course, a fallacious impression.”  – Rabbi Ben Zion Bokser, Judaism and the Christian Predicament (New York: Alfred A Knopf, 1976), p 59.

            “…you will notice a great difference between the Jewish and Christian religions.  But these are not all.  We consider the two religions so different that one excludes the other…we emphasized that there is NO SUCH THING as a Judeo-Christian religion.  There is not any similarity between the two concepts.”  -  Rabbi Moshe M. Maggal (President, National Jewish Information Service) letter, 21 August 1961.

            “Judaism is the religion of the Jews, in contrast to that of the Old Testament.”  - “Judaism,” New Bible Dictionary.

            If you read the four Gospels, you will notice that Jesus Christ never had one good word to say to or about the scribes and Pharisees, who are the originators of the religion of Judaism.  The claim that Judaism is the religion of the Old Testament is the world’s oldest theological deception. It’s time to wake up, my brethren across the sea.  You, of all people, should know better than to follow wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Even though American Israel owes its foundations to British Israel, the student has a few lessons for the teacher, who has strayed from the Truth by accepting Jewish fables.  We appreciate the history lessons about Anglo-Israel, but your dogged determination to make Judahites out of Jews is entirely misguided; and it is undermining your very foundations.  For the last 2,150 years, the Jews have been PRETENDING to be Israelites.  In this manner, they have been deceiving the whole world (Rev. 12:9).  Mr. Lightfoot’s essay, whether witting or unwitting, is nothing more than sophisticated deception.   This is a warning from across the Atlantic.  The Jews are no friends of British Israel.  The most effective enemy is the one who infiltrates your house and pretends to be your friend.  Unfortunately, British Israel has gone to bed with the Rothschilds. 

            It’s time for a divorce.

            Here is wisdom:  The Jews DO NOT AND CANNOT accept Jesus Christ as their Messiah PRECISELY because they are NOT Israelites.  

            “Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them.” – Ephesians 5:11, New American Standard Bible. 

            Given the vast cultural, racial and religious differences between Jews and Israelites, all attempts to establish a state of equality between the two groups are strained and fictitious.  To force the sheep into the same cage with the wolf can only be disastrous for the sheep.  Wake up, British Israel.  Truly, this is an IMPOSSIBLE EQUATION.


 – Pastor Eli James.  USA.  April 28, 2010.}